4 good reasons to do your summer photos in our studio !


All the photographers in our photo studios know it : the busiest time of the year is Christmas ! But did you know that we also love summer in the studio ? We’ll explain why, and give you a surprise at the end of the article !

It’s enjoyable


In summer, you are relaxed, and so are we ! The kids don’t have homework to do, your skin is nice and tan, and you have time to make the most of your studio experience. Who knows, you might even get some ice cream with the family after your appointment while walking around… what could be better for a summer afternoon with the family ?


It’s colorful !


Because we love surprises, bring along original and colorful summer accessories ! Sunglasses, swimsuits, floaties, flowers or even a watermelon, why not ! Anything that will make your session pop even more is welcome. It’s time to think outside the box and reveal your personality ! And we’ve got some surprises in store for you too : we’ve come up with some trendy summer concepts. Pastel tones and accessories are in the spotlight !

Discover our portfolio !


It’s more practical


Let’s face it : taking pictures on the beach is risky for your camera. There’s sand everywhere, the sun is too strong to see your screen, the waves are getting dangerously close to the camera… And who’s going to enjoy the beach if you’re hanging on to your camera the whole time ? Take the time to enjoy your vacation and come see us between your summer adventures. Guaranteed results !



It puts you back in the center of your story


When you’re on vacation, you’re obsessed with the beauty of the landscape, the light and the smells. So of course you take pictures of all these magnificent places. But often, you forget what really matters in the story : you. Summer photo albums are often filled with wonderful places but without faces… Or, even worse, someone is always missing from the pictures !

At Magenta, we are committed to telling your story, summer or winter. It’s been a trying time for everyone, but life is finally returning to (almost) normal, so it’s time to celebrate ! And with that, here’s our surprise : our Hello Sweet Summer promotion, at only $30 instead of $125 ! So don’t wait until Christmas to book your photo session, because we love summer with you !