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Yes. You should always take an appointment for any type of photo session. You can do so by calling the studio of your choice, or by visiting the Book your session section of our website. For passport photos, no appointment is required.

A photo session lasts 45 minutes. The time spent in-studio also includes a consultation period prior to the photo session. Some sessions and packages include a viewing of the resulting photos, which takes place immediately after the shooting, in studio.

The number of photos taken varies from a session to another. Rest assured, Magenta photographers will take as many shots as necessary so that you have an excellent final selection!

Our photo sessions include a Viewing & Ordering session immediately following your session.

Depending on the type of photo session, digital photos can be delivered anywhere 15 days approximately. For other products, they are delivered within a maximum of 20 business days. If you are eager to receive your products, you may take advantage of our Rush Delivery service.

The price of the photo depends on the selected packages. Discover our packages!

Please visit our session preparation section to learn who to prepare for each specific session type.

Thin stripes and checkered patterns are to be avoided since these patterns may interfere by causing image distortion.

Of course! Pets are more than welcome at Magenta Photo. Please note that there are allotted times for sessions with animals. These are limited to certain days of the week in order to protect the infants that visit our studio daily from the risk of allergy. For appointment availabilities, please contact the studio nearest you for further information.

All Magenta photographs are processed in our professional in-house Magenta laboratory, by qualified technicians equipped with cutting edge technology. The photographs are developed on professional grade photo paper.

Of course! We have a complete range of photo enhancements including: black-and-white, sepia, bronze, retro, various Magenta-created processes, as well as our colorization service. Each of these enhancements will be shown to you during your viewing session.

The ideal is to come to take pictures between your 34th and 36th week of pregnancy.

Yes! We offer a range of customized products. You can use one of your Magenta photos or bring your own photo. For more information , you can visit our Frames and Products section.