Be part of the creative and innovative Magenta Photo team!

Magenta Photo Studios

A career at Magenta Photo is the perfect opportunity to combine your artistic talents with your expertise in customer service!
To join the Magenta Photo team, you must have experience in customer service, strong aptitude for teamwork and be able to work with people of all ages. In addition, to become one of our photographers, you must have completed academic training in photography or a related field. Full training is offered on the job at Magenta Photo.

Head Office

Our head office is located in the heart of Griffintown, near downtown Montreal. Our team consists of professionals from a variety of backgrounds (accounting, IT, HR, marketing, purchasing, production, etc.) and a solid image specialists team working closely with our photo laboratory (retouching and printing).



Studio of Anjou and St-Laurent

Job description :

Being a Magenta photographer is to use creativity to offer a unique customer experience. From photo session to selection, a Magenta photographer embodies an image specialist by contributing to all various stages of an unmatched customer experience. If you are looking for a creative environment in a professional setting, join Magenta so you too can… creating perfect moments!

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Sales consultant

Studio of Mail Champlain, Galeries d'Anjou, St-Laurent and Upper Canada Mall

Job description : 

Being a sales consultant at Magenta is to guide customers through much more than a buying process. From greeting customers to assisting our Photographers, our sales consultants provide valuable support at all stages of the Magenta experience. If you have sales experience as well as a desire to be creative at work, Magenta is for you!

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