Father’s Day gift idea : a photo session for dad !


Looking for a fun, memorable and original idea for Father’s Day ? Look no further, at Magenta we have the perfect solution. Discover our exclusive promotions and at least 4 good reasons to get started !



Much more than a photo session, it’s a fabulous experience with dad !


So yes, of course, it’s quite an adventure to take all the family to a photo shoot ! You have to plan the outfits, prepare the kids, and sometimes you’re a little less comfortable being in front of the camera than behind it. However, as soon as the photo session starts, we have all the tricks to put everyone at ease, including Papa Bear ! He will quickly discover that it is, above all, a moment shared as a family, during which we take the time to have fun and to immortalize these precious moments. We are full of original and funny ideas to create memorable shots of your children’s faces, but also that tell the story of the relationships that make up your family. 






Even better : make it his moment. It’s his party after all ! If he has a passion, a hobby, encourage him to come with what represents him, surrounded by those he loves most in the world. Daddy loves music ? Bring his guitar, his violin, or simply his headphones, to make pictures that look like him !


You think it’s a great gift idea for Father’s Day, but he doesn’t like having his picture taken ? Believe us, he will be amazed


We sometimes see dads who are a little reluctant when they arrive at the studio. And they are often surprised when we ask them to take pictures alone with their children. But at Magenta, we love to showcase every relationship in your family. A beautiful shot of daddy throwing his son in the air, or dancing with his daughter standing on his feet – these fun, natural moments will have dad warming up quickly to the experience, making it all worth it ! And for us, the best part is showing him the results, sometimes bringing a little discrete tear to his eye when he sees the memories that have been captured, memories that he can look back on for years to come. What better way to celebrate Father’s Day ?




If he’s a dad today, it’s mostly because of your union… Celebrate it on Father’s Day !


This is something that is too often forgotten once the new generation is here. Yet, your love is what started it all, and there’s no better time to celebrate it ! Take the time to leave the kids with us for a few minutes, and get some great shots together. You can even plan an outfit for this, something that looks like you and symbolizes your relationship. We will be able to highlight all the tenderness that unites you, and he will take with him a romantic memory of this special Father’s Day.



Or… offer him the opportunity to renew his professional image !

Instead of a family photo session, you can also offer him a business photo session with our Father’s Day promotion ! It’s not every day that we get to sit in front of a camera, with all our experience and pride of accomplishment. Encourage dad to bring along some more professional attire, and we’ll be happy to help him revamp his business image during one of our 15-minute sessions. A custom package is waiting for you !




So don’t hesitate, plan your session and get him on board ! Bonus idea : you could even offer him another little gift during the session, a precious moment that we will be happy to immortalize. And when you select your photos, think of our personalized accessories, which he can take with him everywhere !


We promise you, he will remember this Father’s Day for a long time ! Book his session now !