How to make a professional photo shoot ?

If you want to have a professional photo shoot, visit us at Magenta Photo, we are professionals in photography, come and portray all your special moments with us and your only dilemma will be which photo to share first.

Having memories of the special moments of our life, is the best, that’s why the saying “to remember is to live”, it is very nice to see all your achievements, your special moments and see how you have been progressing over the years.

At Magenta Photo, more than a photo, we create unforgettable and beautiful memories, so come and have your portrait taken with us.

Having memories of your birthdays, baptisms, graduations, family photos, marriage, is very important to keep all those moments alive in our mind.

We have the best packages at the best price for you to enjoy our services.

Professional photo shoot services we offer at Magenta Photo

Doing a photo shoot in the place you want with who you want is priceless, and we at Magenta Photo offer you that option, now we will mention all our services :

Corporate photo service

If you want your company to maintain its image and have professional corporate photos, you are in the right place, our photographers will show the best of your company in each of the images.

Our photographers come to your facilities to take portraits of your business in a personalized way, and we offer a wide range of photographs of your business.

What does our corporate photography service include ? Included in the package are business locations, individual portraits and group photographs.

Event photography

In the corporate service we also provide photographic services in your events such as : conventions, get-togethers, corporate soirees, office parties, etc.


Our packages include :

  • An experienced professional photographer
  • An experienced assistant photographer if needed
  • High resolution, high quality photos
  • A full consultation session
  • Calibrated and retouched images, each available in color and black & white
  • An online photo gallery (free download)

Wedding photography service

Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life, and that’s why it’s best to hire the best experienced professionals for your photos, so that your wedding moment will live on for a lifetime.

If you want to capture the best moments of your wedding, here at Magenta Photo, our photographers are experienced professionals, and they will take care of taking the best shots of your entire wedding.

Our packages include :

  • Several formulas, all around the production of a real photo reportage.
  • Each package includes 2 professional photographers and all the best edited digital photos.
  • High resolution photos
  • A full consultation session
  • Calibrated, retouched images, each available in color and black & white
  • Digital images delivered by hyperlink

Most popular wedding service plans

Please note that we can adjust the amount of hours and coverage to meet your needs.

Confetti package : 4 hours, consists of approximately 200 photos.

Lace plan : 6 hours, about 300 photos,

Crystal promotion : 8 hours, approximately 400 photos.

Prestige package : 10 hours, consists of approximately 500 photos.

Engagement photo session

Magenta Photo offers you an engagement photo session at low prices. So you can have your memories of that magical moment of your life.

These images can be used as decoration on your wedding day or to personalize your invitations. This is also the perfect opportunity to meet your photographer.

Emerging Professional Photo Shoot Services

These photo shoots take place in outdoor locations, they are spectacular locations that will make your photos look unique and special.

You can take these photos on special dates like birthdays, family reunions or outings with friends, turn any occasion into moments to remember with Magenta Photo.

How to look great for your professional photo shoot ?

To look great in a photo shoot the main thing is to hire a professional photographer with experience, so he/she can take advantage of your best angles and help you find good poses so you look great.

  • Other steps you should take into account are :
  • Relax your cheeks and cheekbones, avoid puffing or puckering your lips.
  • Seduce the camera with your gaze.
  • Place your head straight, not down or up.
  • Raise your chin.
  • Smile naturally

Follow all these steps and you will have spectacular and beautiful photos.

Among our services, we offer photo sessions in our studio and we also go to the place of the event, so you decide the place you want and suits your needs.

Don’t forget that photos are the ones that will allow you to relive all the important moments of your life and you can’t do it with just anyone, look only for professionals and responsible people to do this job well.

At Magenta Photo, we do more than just images, we make those special moments last a lifetime.

Visit our website and hire our services, so you only have to think about having a good time while we take care of keeping the memories for you.