Inspiring moms : Karyne and Andréanne


We met this wonderful family in our studio in St Bruno. We loved their complicity and all the love that comes from this family.

Being mothers was obvious to Karyne et Andréanne. And although there is still a long way to go, both in terms of the legal recognition of homosexual parents and in terms of acceptance in society, they are today the proud mothers of three beautiful children.

Their optimism allows them to fight all prejudices, but also to overcome the hardships of life such as the operation of their little boy Hunter, which occurred at the same time as the birth of their youngest, Jaymie. To see their children grow up and have the chance to educate them at home by transmitting strong values ​​such as trust in themselves, equality, acceptance and respect makes them all the more proud !


Thanks to these two inspiring moms who show us that whatever the family model, the important thing is to be united !