Our top 4 best props for your pregnancy photo shoot !

You are pregnant ? Congratulations ! Before the baby arrives, remember to book your maternity photo session in one of our studios. You’ll see : our photographers are determined to capture the most beautiful shots of this adventure, and they know how to highlight your belly. You’ll have time to change and choose from a variety of looks, from glamorous to casual, from pyjamas to streetwear, so bring what you prefer ! And for an even more personalized experience, we like to advise our clients to come to us with items that symbolize their child, and make the photos even more valuable.  Check out our top 4 best props for your pregnancy photo shoot, with a surprise at the end of the post !

The best accessory for your pregnancy photo session : an ultrasound !

We love it when you take an ultrasound with you for your pregnancy shoot. After all, it’s your baby’s first photo ! We have many original ideas to incorporate these shots into our maternity poses. The presence of an ultrasound allows you to personalize your photos and put baby in the spotlight. From an aesthetic point of view, it’s beautiful ! The bonus ? It is possible that with time your ultrasound will get wrinkled, damaged or lost. Thanks to your photo session in studio, you will always keep the memory intact.

Have you already started shopping for baby ? Bring baby’s shoes and stuffed animals !

You’ve probably already started planning your baby’s room. You may have even picked out a theme ! Whether it’s pirates, unicorns or just the color yellow, we’re sure the room is already decorated with baby’s future stuffed animals. You probably have some clothes too ! So while you’re waiting for your child to arrive, why not symbolize their presence with little shoes, a sweater or a doggie ? It’s fun for us to incorporate them into our concepts, whether they’re sitting on your belly or tucked into dad’s back pocket.

For a pregnancy photo shoot, we need to see your belly. One of dad’s shirts is always a winner !

In the studio, we love to uncover your belly for great shots. For your pregnancy shoot, here’s an original idea : bring one of dad’s shirts with you, which opens in front. This way we can offer you some really original and stylish poses ! In the same way, think of bringing with you pretty undergarments : we will be able to take magnificent photos in a semi-nude style, for a poetic and timeless result !

Bonus tip : to make sure your photos are perfect, pay attention to the clothes you will be wearing that day. Try not to wear pants that would leave marks on your belly just before the pictures ;)


We saved the best for last : their name !

You’ve decided to know if it’s a girl or a boy, and you’ve already chosen his or her name ? Bring it with you ! But how do I bring a name to a photo shoot, you’d say ? Nothing could be easier. We can write it with chalk on one of our chalkboards. Or you can bring a small light board and assemble the letters to form their name. Better yet, you can have a beautiful engraving made of wood, metal, or plastic made in advance from Etsy ! You can even use it after your session to decorate baby’s room… Even easier, bring with you some washable markers, and we will write together on your belly. So don’t hesitate, and baby will be more present than ever during your pregnancy pictures !




Of course, all ideas are welcome, and we are always open to trying new things ! Whether it’s the family dog, or even a parrot, if you have something unique or special to your family, don’t hesitate for a second and bring it with you to your maternity shoot.  We love it so much that we have a multiple session package designed especially for the occasion : the Before/After. Follow the link and get your two sessions at a really great rate ! Finally, for the best results, get ahead of time and book your pregnancy photo session to take place between your 28th and 36th week. I promise you, you will be in good hands at Magenta Photo ;)