Before/after baby : it’s our favorite !

Many of our photographers can tell you this story : a short while after a beautiful pregnancy shoot, they witnessed a tiny baby coming in the studio. The same one they had already photographed, comfortably hidden in mom’s belly ! It’s an emotion that we particularly savor, and what a pleasure for the parents to have beautiful shots of this before/after ! They can now combine them in a frame, make a collage in the baby’s room, and personalize their birth announcements. 

So we decided to take a chance and create a custom package for this special occasion ! Find out how it works, and don’t miss the link to book yours at the end of the article, after reading our advice.

First, come and take your pregnancy photos ! 

Once you have purchased your package, book the first session quickly : your pregnancy photos. For the best results choose an appointment between your 28th and 36th week of pregnancy. Of course, the equation is simple : the later it is, the more visible your belly will be, but beware of babies in a hurry to arrive ;)

At the time of your reservation, we will take care to give you all the tips to prepare your session. You can even read our article dedicated to the best props for a pregnancy shoot ! Once the session is over, we will take the time to determine with you the ideal date for the next step…

Then… It’s time for the baby pictures ! 

And yes ! Little baby has arrived, you are immersed in happiness, you spend hours watching them sleeping, making sure they don’t need anything, you don’t really know what day it is anymore… fortunately, your next appointment at Magenta is already booked ! 

Trust us : for newborn photos, the best time to come and see us is during the first 10 days of your baby’s life, therefore it’s best to book the session before he or she arrives ! During the first days, they like to be snuggled up as they have been for nine months, and we can take beautiful shots with baby wrapped in a wrap or snuggled up against you… Of course, if you decide to come a little later, we will be perfectly capable of taking great newborn photos ! They will simply be different : baby will be pushing on his little legs and cooing in front of the camera, well installed on one of our bean bags. 

Finally, we have fun mixing pregnancy photos and baby photos !

During your first session, you will have already chosen the most beautiful maternity photos. When it’s time to discover the baby ones, you will have a wide choice of services to combine them ! A multitude of possibilities will be offered to you : we always take care to have pictures of the belly, of the future parents, then of baby alone, but also of him snuggled up against a parent, or receiving a kiss from his mother. Guided by one of our consultants, you will be able to create, for example, beautiful frames, gathering before and after pictures. As they will have been taken by us, the aesthetics will be perfectly coherent, and we will be able to advise you with the best arrangements. You can also have fun with our range of personalized products, to give to the family, decorate the house, and even bring a souvenir of the little angel to your work ! Take the time to choose your favorite way to immortalize these precious moments.


Baby’s coming soon ? Get a head start and book your Before and After package now, for only $25 per session ! Yes, you are not dreaming ! This custom-made promotion includes the forty-five minute session in the studio, and a digital photo : to be sure to capture those magical moments. You will have plenty of time to develop your choices once you see the photos.


We look forward to seeing you, and to seeing you again !