Inspiring Mom : Amanda



Amanda and her two little girls recently came for a photo session in our Mail Champlain studio. Her story touched us because she brought to light an illness that affects many moms : postpartum depression.

Following these two pregnancies Amanda felt that the daily became increasingly harder but she tried to convince herself that this was due to the normal stress of becoming a mother. However, her anxiety symptoms kept on growing. This is how she was able to put a name to her illness : “postpartum depression”.

It was thanks to the love and support of her family and the help of professionals that Amanda was able to get through this illness and enjoy the joys of motherhood. Knowing that she has managed to overcome her postpartum depression does not shame her but on the contrary makes her stronger ! Amanda is proud to have been able to open up, speak honestly and do what she needed for her well-being and the one of her family.

This mother is now working to de-stigmatize mental illness and is now helping other mothers by talking about maternal mental health in her community and working as a nurse at NICU. What she desires above all is that her daughters learn that life is full of joys and challenges and that they have the courage to be vulnerable, to share their stories and their love of the world.


Thank you Amanda for sharing your story with us !


If you suffer from postpartum depression or know someone who is suffering from it, you can find help here