Inspiring mom : Danielle


Our next inspirational mom is one of our photographers in Toronto. Danielle is a mother who invests herself as much in her role as mother as in her career as a photographer. Her biggest challenge is finding a work / life balance that works for everyone. And as a sort of “jack of all trades, master of none”, it’s far from easy !

Danielle is also no stranger to the other side of the camera thanks to modeling ! Thinking initially that no one would want to take picture of a “chubby red head” she remembers her first photo shoot where she was surprised to feel very confident and comfortable in her body.
The fact that she is solicited by several brands shows that the fashion and beauty industry is changing and evolving. She tells us that there has never been so much demand for plus size models !

Modeling helped her to strengthen her self-confidence and show her daughters that you have to accept yourself as you are and never be afraid to go for what you really want.
Danielle is very proud of her girls and loves to see them grow and accomplish new things at every stage of their lives.


Thank you Danielle for this beautiful testimony and for your investment in Magenta Photo !