Inspiring mom : Sarah




Sarah came to our studio at Rosemère to create family memories. She then shared her story illustrating the unconditional love of a mother for her child.

While her little boy Jack was born with a rare disease that affects his liver, his condition deteriorated rapidly and the only possible cure became a liver transplant. Sarah and her husband were immersed in a world that was until then completely unknown to them : organ donation. During the months and months of waiting, they discovered that Quebec was in the lowest ranking statistics of the western world in terms of organ donation and that the chances of their little Jack receiving one in time were very slim. Given the little time left, Sarah decided to opt for the only option still possible, to give a part of her liver to save his life.

It is therefore separated in two different hospitals that Sarah and Jack had their surgeries. “The hardest part was not being with my son for the most important hardship of his young life. ”

Jack has been doing better since then, despite still having several challenges to overcome. Still, Sarah remains an upbeat, positive and playful mom who sees equal hope for the full potential of her two children. She now supports the cause of organ donation on a daily basis and wants to educate more people about this life-saving act. Her dearest wish is that people care more about the issue, that they sign their cards and share their wishes with their loved ones.

So, for Jack and the hundreds of people waiting for organ donation, go sign your card ! ;)


Thanks to Sarah and her family for this great time in the studio and this beautiful lesson in life !