Inspiring Mom : Shirley


Shirley is the mother of Samantha who has been part of the Magenta family for over 10 years.

A little over 6 years ago, Shirley was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and the outlook was not a very promising one. As with all people diagnosed with serious illness, she began to think of all the things she did not want to miss ; to see her daughters flourish as adults and especially becoming a grandma. She decided to do everything to fight. After several treatments and surgeries, the tumor persisted aggressively. It is therefore in collaboration with her doctors and her family that she decided to try a last operation.

That surgery dates back to 4 years ago ! Although she is dealing with cognitive side effects, she remains very grateful and fortunate to be still with us and feels incredibly lucky to have the help of her partner and her daughters. “I am now the proud grandmother of two beautiful little girls and they are the most precious part of my life. This is the first thing I think about when I get up in the morning and motivates me to stay strong every day throughout the course.“

Shirley now makes the most of every moment she lives with her family and wants to inspire her daughters to stay strong and never allow moments of doubt or worry to question their worth. Her story tells of a fight against the disease that she won and from which she came out stronger.


Thanks to Shirley for this beautiful and sincere story.